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Tape in

Extensions with adhesive strips offer the easiest permanent installation to date. This method adds length and volume quickly and gives a long lasting natural look while being applied painlessly. Furthermore, there is no need for glue or heat, and they can be reused simply by changing the adhesive. These extensions are Ideal for fine to medium hair. As a result, they are practically undetectable and wont damage your hair. Its great support leaves a thin strand of hair between two superimposed bands. This permanent technique lasts between 2 to 3 months

From $20.00

20 inches (50.8 cm)
Each pack containt 10 tape of 2.5 gramme each. 100% Remy human.quality.Can be washed, dried, smoothed, curled and even coloured to a darker, yet more desirable, tint. All our extensions are straight and wave once wet.Suitable for thin to medium hair.
Please take note that there is a 24 hour delay between the time of purchase and the time of shipment.